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TV Pedestal

What Is A TV Pedestal ?

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TV Pedestal by Techcraft imageA TV Pedestal is a flat panel TV stand that gives you much greater choice when it comes to positioning your flat screen TV than a wall mounted flat screen mount.

TV pedestal stand is the contemporary version of the traditional television stand, offered in a range of styles TV pedestals can easily be positioned in a room for optimum and convenient viewing of flat panel TV screens and the equipment that goes with them.

Previously there was only limited choice on where you could place your CRT TV due to its bulk, particularly its depth and its weight. So you either put your television on the supplied TV stand or on a purpose designed TV cabinet, which for practical reasons were generally low in height. For decades we mostly just accepted that this was the viewing height for a television, flat panel televisions have changed this accepted wisdom.

Wall mounted TV stands and brackets allow limited positioning options, which once positioned are fixtures not easily moved without redecorating, which is fine in some situations where house design provides a natural viewing surface, but where that’s not the case the TV pedestal is a functional and stylish alternative.

The flat panel TV screen is mounted either on back mount, from underneath and/or the sides depending on respective TV or stand design.

TV Pedestal Products

OmniMount Echo 50FP 50-Inch Video Table with Flat Panel Stand (Espresso)

Product Description Benefits: Mount a flat panel where wall space is not available; Open 

OmniMount TV Pedestal image

area accommodates multiple components; Lift and Lock allows for easy panel installation; Neatly route and organize wires through cable management posts; Chrome legs accent dark finish; Rubberized feet protect floors.

Specifications: Accommodates up to 32-inch to 50-inch flat panels up to 150 lbs (68 kg) Component shelf supports up to 80 lbs (36.6 kg); Available in Espresso; 50-inch widthx 47.5-inch heightx 15.5-inch depth.
Product Details
  • Brand: OmniMount
  • Model: Echo 50FP


  • Mount a flat panel where wall space isn’t available
  • Open area accommodates multiple components
  • Lift and Lock allows for easy panel installation
  • Neatly route and organize wires through cable management posts
  • Chrome legs accent dark finish

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Contemporary designs can incorporate hidden cable management systems and attractive shelving units for additional audiovisual equipment.

For the serious gadget lover the remote control TV pedestal allows adjustment of your televisions position for the best viewing angle from where you are sitting.

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Or TV Corner Units

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TV Pedestal-Peerless Universal Rolling Cart for Flat Screens

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Stand for 32″ – 60″ Flat Panel/TV Screens with Metal Shelf (Black)

Peerless TV Pedestal Universal Rolling Cart for 32inch - 60inch Flat Panel ScreensThis new TV Pedestal styled SmartMount  Flat Panel TV Cart offers the most complete mobile solutions for many applications in business and commercial situations. The versatile TV/flat panel presentation cart allows you to hold meetings with A/V support or simply to display information.

Mounted on casters, 2 of which can be locked when in position, allow it to be moved easily in most office type situations.

A full line of accessories enables each cart to be customized to meet your specific requirements. Whether video conferencing from a boardroom or presenting on a trade show floor, Peerless’ Flat Panel TV Carts can be the solution you have been looking for.


Product Features

  • Can be customized to meet your specific requirements
  • Pedestal screen adjustment for optimal viewing height
  • Incremental tilt of -2º, 0º and +5º locks in the ideal viewing angle
  • Maneuvers easily on 4″ swivel casters (two locking)
  • Practical TV Pedestal design
  • Weight capacity of up to 150 lbs
  • Metal Construction
  • Width: 35.6 inches
  • Height: 66.8 inches
  • Weight: 76 pounds

See one customer’s review of this product below:-

“Peerless did a great job with this cart. I was very impressed with the quality of the hardware. It’s very sturdy and the design is well thought out. It comes as a kit, but the instructions are easy to follow and the various connecting parts easy to identify.

There’s no cheesy snapping stuff together. The various screws and bolts were all there and well packaged and the required Allen wrenches were conveniently provided. I thought there were a lot of screws, but a wide variety of screws are included to cover whatever sort of  screen you are using. I found the ones I needed, there ended up being extras that weren’t necessary for my situation. They are packaged individually and it’s not confusing to figure out which ones are appropriate for the type of installation.”

Review paraphrased for space.

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TV Pedestal Stand from Techcraft for upto 50-Inch Wide Screens

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TV Pedestal Products

Techcraft TRK50B 50-Inch Wide TV Pedestal Stand (Black)


Product Description

This Techcraft  TV Pedestal Stand allows for mounting of most 50″ and smaller flat panels. With 2 shelves in black glass, swivel mount for TV it will make your TV look something very special. A stylish TV stand to enhance your TV and home.

Product Details

  • Brand: TECH CRAFT
  • Model: TRK50B


  • Dimensions: 46″ H x 47.25″ W x 17″ D
  • TV weight capacity: 150lbs; Shelf weight capacity: 100lbs
  • Platforms/Shelve: 1 x Top 47.24″ Width x 19.69 ” Depth Platforms/Shelve: 1 x Bottom 47.24″ Width x 19.69 ” Depth
  • Black Finish With Black Glass
  • Dimensions: 45.67″ Height x 47.24″ Width x 19.69″ Depth
  • 2 shelves with brilliant silkscreen black glass
  • 50″ Wide TV Stand allows for mounting of most 50″ and smaller flat panels
  • Mount is rated for 150 pounds
  • Swiveling Mount AND all mounting hardware included
  • Ultramodern, contemporary, SOLUTION!

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TV Pedestal Stands – Best TV Stands For Stylish Homes

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The TV Pedestal, which is ideal for modern flTV pedestal stand imageat screen televisions has often been overlooked and under appreciated in the TV stand market. A lot of people have never head of this category of television stand at all. Plus of those that have many will only have a vague idea of what a TV pedestals are.

Yet these television pedestal stands are very versatile, plus their modern and stylish looks can make such a difference to the look of your room and TV.

A pedestal mounted TV can really give a room that designer look normally seen in fashionable magazines. TV Pedestals are also a great way to make the most of small spaces, but in a sleek fashion that looks great at the same time.

There are several types of TV pedestal stand, each with its own look and uses.

The characteristic of a pedestal stand is that the television screen is mounted by its back by to a single column for support, although this can be modified so that there are two smaller columns to provide extra stability in some cases.

Since the entire stand is essentially a single column, just to support the screen, it takes up very little room, allowing you to save on space. This is perfect for smaller apartments or when living in college accommodation.

The most basic design is a very minimal, a style which nothing more than the column with a base support, which can look fantastic in the right surroundings without any peripheral equipment attached. To maintain its sleek and stylish looks most TV pedestals have built in cable management, so that the bird’s nest of wires often seen around TVs is hidden.

Most people however will want to have peripheral equipment attached, such as DVD or Blu-Ray players, satellite boxes, surround sounds systems etc. So it’s very common to find a TV pedestal with various shelves or storage spaces to accommodate these things, built into the base as a unit.

Many TV pedestal  stands give you the option to change their height, allowing you to customize it for your room. You may well find that having the TV higher than was normal for the older CRT televisions is actually more comfortable to watch. Relax on your sofa or chair and see where your eyes naturally come to rest, higher is generally more comfortable than we have been used to with earlier TV stands.

Desktop / Tabletop TV Pedestal Style Stand

TV pedestal style tabletop TV stand

Fits most 32"-50" Plasma/LCD displays

Another distinct type of tv pedestal stand is the desktop design. This is just like the floor based model, but mounted directly onto a table or desk. In business applications one option is to use it for teleconferencing. By attaching the pedestal stand to the table next to the person’s usual seat, it’s just like they’re actually there. Another use is in the kitchen where attaching the pedestal to a kitchen island or counter top will provide you with entertainment while you cook.

This kind of pedestal stand is often more suited for smaller LCD television screens, as the pedestal supports can’t usually take too much weight. However there are some that can take 50″ screens. But you can get really creative with placements and options for these smaller TV stands, making them a perfect choice for many situations.

You can be more creative in positioning your TV with the right TV Pedestal. Take a look at a selection of the best TV pedestal stands here.

See all TV Pedestal Stands

TV Pedestals & TV Stands To Enhance Your TV And Home – For Flat Screen TVs

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TV Pedestals and TV Stands for Flat Screen TVs

TV Stands for flat screen televisions come in a range of styles, from traditional furniture designs to the ultra modern TV pedestals. Good stands are those that allow you to get the best viewing experience from your TV, by giving you some flexibility in where you site it in the room and easy adjustment for different viewing positions.

The lighter and slimmer LCD and plasma TVs opened up a whole way of displaying televisions often not practical before. Quick to catch on was the TV wall mount, which allowed you to hang a TV on the wall like a picture for the first time.

Stylish as these wall mounted TVs looked, this new way of displaying your flat screen television did have its disadvantages. The TV wall mount also leaves you the problem of where to put the peripheral equipment, such as disc players, satellite or cable boxes, surround sound equipment etc.

TV Pedestal Stands Products

Walker Edison 44 inch Cortez Wood TV ConsoleWalker Edison Cortez Wood TV Console, Black

Elegance and function combine to give this contemporary wood TV console a striking appearance. The design gives you a stylish modern look crafted with durable PVC laminate and MDF board.

Console will accommodate most flat-screen TVs up to 52” with open and closed shelving to provide ample space for A/V components.


Product Details

  • Brand: Walker Edison
  • Model: AZ44CSBL


  • Simple, contemporary TV console from Walker Edison; for up to 52-inch screen televisions
  • MDF board construction with PVC laminate; black wood grain finish
  • With 1 open compartment and 1 concealed compartment for AV component storage; preinstalled wire management holes
  • Includes parts, tools, and instructions for necessary home assembly; 250-pound weight capacity
  • Assembled, measures 44 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 24 inches high

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As above, TV cabinets also called TV consoles can provide this extra storage space. With a TV cabinet or console the TV just rests on top of the unit, rather than being attached and supported at the back as with a TV pedestal. These units work well where you have suitable floor space, their drawback is that they give you fewer options on where the TV screen can be positioned and then adjusted.

With a TV wall mount you also have to have the wall space which faces in the right  direction, so that you could orientate your seating to make watching it  comfortable. There is also the problem that with LCD type screens the viewing angle is more critical than with the old CRT TVs or plasma televisions i.e. the picture quality deteriorates as you move towards the sides of the screen.

Viewing angles have improved for LCD type screens, but including 3D televisions the best picture is viewed from directly in front of the TV screen. Similarly this problem also applies to looking up or down on to the screen.

Although most mounts did tend to have a tilt (up & and down) adjustment, few allowed you to pivot the screen significantly. Now however there is a good range of mounts with extending arms that fold flat against the wall when not in use. These arms when pulled away from the wall to allow you to pivot the screen for the best viewing angle when needed.

TV Pedestals

TV pedestals imageTV pedestals and TV pedestal stands also made it into the domestic market as a more flexible way of positioning your flat screen TV. These TV pedestals in their purest form consisted of a single column or support mounted on a freestanding base or one that was attached to the floor in some cases. These could be placed in many positions around the room and could also be height adjustable, but in this form also lacked storage for peripheral equipment.

TV pedestal stands overcame the above limitations of storage by combining benefits of tv pedestals with shelves or cabinets. Also giving height and sometimes swivel adjustments, yet still allowing greater choice in where you sited your TV.

Other benefits of TV pedestal stands are that the screen is more secure against being knocked over and that there is often hidden cable management built into the design. Thus providing a more modern, neat and stylish appearance for what can be a sizeable piece of technology in your room.

TV Pedestals can also come designed as corner TV stands, as corners are often convenient place to site a TV and provide a good range of viewing points around the room.

Whatever your tastes in style are there should be a TV pedestal stand or TV wall mount that will do both your TV and room justice.

3D TV Pedestals For Best Viewing Experience

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3D TV Pedestals can be one of the best options for getting the most from your 3D television.

3D televisions have an optimum position from which to get the best 3D effect, this is affected by 4 factors.

1. The size of your TV

2. The screen resolution i.e. 1080p or 720p

3. The viewer’s field of view (FOV)

4. Viewing angle

These factors will determine the best viewing distance for the best field of view, angle and resolution.

Put simply you want the TV to take up as much of your field of view (FOV) as possible (within limits) so that you feel immersed in the viewing experience, ideally this figure is about 140 degrees measured from the viewer to the edges of the TV screen.

Practically this is difficult or impossible to achieve for multiple viewers without a very big screen indeed, this is not how we are generally used to viewing TV. This is unless you watch TV on your computer monitor, where we usually do sit close to the screen.

Also one of the limits is that you don’t want to be so close to the TV that you can see individual pixels. Also getting too close is not visually comfortable and would limit the amount of people who could see the screen!

3D TV Pedestals Product

BDI Arena 9972 Flat Screen TV StandBDI Arena 9972 Freestanding Flat Panel TV Mount for 40-Inch – 60-Inch TVs – Gloss Black

Arena Mount 9972 is a freestanding mount with a sturby base that offers a height-adjustable, swiveling mount solution for today’s flat panel TVs. Cabling routes down the slender, Gloss Black column yet remains easy to access from cut-outs at rear. For use with 40-Inch – 60-Inch TVs, select BDI cabinets and other applicable cabinet designs. 51.75-Inch H x 39.75-Inch W x 17.75-Inch D

Product Details

  • Brand: Becker
  • Model: Arena / 9972


  • Freestanding mount is compatible with select BDI cabinets and other cabinets
  • Compatible with most 40-Inch – 60-Inch flat panel TVs
  • Height-adjustable
  • Swiveling feature enables adjustable viewing angle
  • Gloss Black finishes complements today’s TVs

Click Here For Latest Discount PriceFree Shipping Available & Usually ships in 24 hours

Ideally you also want to be lined up and perpendicular with the center of the TV screen for the best 3D effect, again this is often impractical in the home or for multiple viewers.

Paradoxically you will see from the chart below you need to sit closer to the higher definition 1080p screen than the 720p screen to benefit from it. This is due to the human eye’s limitations; it just can’t resolve the higher definition detail from any greater distance.

Below is a chart that gives figures for ideal viewing distances with regard to screen size and resolution. The FOV figures would provide the best visual immersion distances, but don’t get too hung up about these figures. It’s just not that critical for most people, because we will get involved regardless, if what we are watching is good! These are only theoretical ideals.

TV Size

(Diagonal – inches)

Optimum Viewing Distance

720p (inches)

Optimum Viewing Distance

1080p (inches)

Minimum Viewing Distance

70 Degree FOV (inches)

42 97 66 26
50 115 78 32
55 127 86 35
60 138 94 38
65 150 101 41

However using 3D TV pedestals or TV stands allows you the greatest choice of positions in a room, which most wall mounting options often prevent. Also if you get a TV stand that swivels you can easily change the viewing angles for different situations e.g. viewing alone vs. as a family. This will allow you greater flexibility and get nearer to the ideal viewing angles.

Read More About TV Pedestals Here


Choosing Your TV Pedestal

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How are you going to choose the type of flat screen tv pedestal or stand?

There are a few things you need to consider before you buy one! The arrival of digital televisions with their flat panel screens has given you greater choice of where you can put your television.

A range of TV pedestals, brackets and stands have been made that enable you to make the best of your new digital television.

We are only now starting to fully utilize the advantages of the slimmer and lighter weight of the flat screen TV world. Even though a flat screen TV doesn’t weigh anywhere near the weight of a CRT television it is nonetheless a substantial bit of kit that requires the appropriate secure fittings.

Be sure to check the weight limit on the type of stand, bracket or pedestal you choose, it has to cater safely with a wide range of sizes and styles of screen with different weights in some cases. Most TV manufacturers have adopted a standard for TV mountings allowing you to choose from a range of non-branded stands and supports, but it is worth checking that it will fit most common fittings.

TV Pedestal Products

TV pedestal stand image

Bell’O SFP-9901HG Color Accented Flat Panel Audio Video System


Product Description

Sleek and beautiful with matching red accents, this Flat Panel Mounting System was designed to elegantly display today’s hottest color accented LCD and Plasma flat panel televisions with ease, holds a 32 to 58-inch screen. The high gloss, scratch resistant black steel frame adn black tempered safety glass can accomodate at least 4 audio video componets. Includes an intergrated CMS Cable Management System to hide wires and interconects cables. Simple assembly required with all necessary tools included.

Product Details

  • Brand: Bell’O
  • Model: SFP-9901HG


  • Sleek and Beautiful with Matching Red Accents to Display with Today Elegant Color accented LCD and Plasma Flat Panel Screens
  • Powder Coated Scratch Resistant Metal in Gloss Black Complimented by Beautiful Black Tempered Safety Glass
  • Integrated Bell’O Cable Management System to Hide Wires and Interconnect Cables
  • Holds a 32-inch or up to a 58-inch Screen and 4 or More AV Components
  • Features the CMS Cable Management System to Hide Wires and Interconnect Cables

Click Here For Latest Discount Price – Free Shipping Available & Usually ships in 24 hours

Remember it can all look very neat in home style magazines to have a wall mounted TV, you don’t see where the extra audio-visual equipment that most people have is stored or how to route cables out of sight. You will need to do some serious thinking about how and where to route cables and store other equipment for a stylish finish.

A contemporary fashionable alternative to TV cabinets or wall mounts is the TV pedestal, characterized by a slim single support column attached to a floor or desk top base, the floor base is most suitable for the home televisions.

A TV pedestal allows you greater flexibility in where you site your television around the room and often the height of the pedestal can be adjusted for a comfortable viewing height, which might not be what you are used to start with.

Being able to choose your television viewing height over such a range was not so easily achieved in the past and when combined with a rotatable screen mount the TV pedestal allows maximum positioning choice and that can be changed fairly easily for different occasions.

A top end tv pedestal model can look even more impressive when they are remote controlled.

What type of flat screen TV stand will you need to buy to satisfy your requirements in your own home? The arrival of digital televisions with their flat panel screens has given you greater choice of where you can put your television.

To cope with this new choice, new mounts, brackets and stands have been designed and manufactured.

We are only now starting to fully utilize the advantages of the slimmer and lighter weight of the flat screen TV world.

Although the new televisions are relatively light in weight, they still require substantial fixings if they are to be wall mounted, a range of brackets that allow you to to hang a TV almost like a photo or painting has arisen.

Look for the maximum weight limit for size of screen you intend to support, there shouldn’t generally be a problem, but some TV’s are much heavier than others of the same size, so best to check.

Thankfully many manufacturers have adopted a standard mounting specification so that most brackets can be considered universal for a given range of screen sizes, but it is worth checking before you buy that you are not restricted in your choice of stands to those provided by the TV brand, this is generally not the case.

Although wall mounted TV’s look very stylish this method is not without its problems, how to hide any cables going to or from the television and where are you going to put any peripheral equipment such as cable or satellite boxes, DVD equipment and the like. These problems can be overcome with some forethought and planning even if it’s not a simple as it might first appear.

TV Pedestal Advantages

An alternative to traditional furniture TV stands or wall mounting TV’s is the TV Pedestal stand, this method uses a single column support with a base that is usually either floor or desk mounted. The pedestal itself is either free standing or secured to the floor for greater stability if required design wise.

As it doesn’t use the wall or a large piece of furniture as a support the TV pedestal can offer the greatest range of viewing sites, it can also be a feature item in the room with its metal column support that can have various design shapes and finishes.

Being able to choose your television viewing height over such a range was not so easily achieved in the past and when combined with a rotatable screen mount the TV pedestal allows maximum positioning choice and that can be changed fairly easily for different occasions. Top end models can look even more impressive when they are remote controlled.

Madrid Flat Panel TV Pedestal Stand

Posted by: TV Pedestal

Madrid Flat Panel TV Pedestal StandMadrid Flat Panel TV Pedestal stand is an imaginative design by Z-Line designs which allows you to mount your flat panel plasma or LCD TV and get a contemporary look.
This stand which is designed using fibreboard and metal is able to support TVs with screens of up to 50 inches and weighing 150 pounds on its integrated mounts.

To get the best viewing position you can adjust the position of your screen using the swivel design.

Below the screen mount area, the stand includes three shelves in 5mm tempered glass for holding DVD/BluRay players, video game systems, stereo components, and more.

Because it’s a very open design and ear can circulate freely around the electronic components the temperatures are kept down with an increased safety factor. The frame and top shelf is finished in a lovely piano black walls to lower shelves are clear and have black borders. There are slots for cable management.

The assembly in the home there’s a full kit with detailed instructions. The height of the screen can be altered on the pedestal for personal taste.

The measurements of this Madrid Flat Panel TV Pedestal Stand are 44 inches wide in 18 inches deep by 15 inches high. When assembled it weighs 72.4 pounds. There is a limited lifetime warranty by Z designs.

Click Here For Best Price on this Madrid Flat Panel TV Pedestal Stand


TV Pedestals for Business and Retail Outlets

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TV Pedestals for Business Use and Retail Sales Outlets

These display stands are  ideal in retail outlets where wall space is often at a premium. This is because they can be floor or ceiling mounted and can allow easier re-positioning when changing sales displays.

The pedestal stands can either be free standing units possibly with extra bracing for added security and safety or there are a range of heavy duty bolt down pedestals, both with added security measures to prevent theft of the TV or monitor.

A range of TV pedestals for business use have designs allow up to 360 degree limited screen rotation, height adjustment, tilt adjustment and the possibility of multi-screen displays.

TV Pedestal Types for Business Use

TV Pedestal for Business or Commercial Use image
Peerless LCFS 100S – TV stand ( LCFS 100S )

Product Description

LCFS-100S Color: Silver The LCD Screen Pedestal Stand offers a great mounting solution in auditoriums, gymnasiums, broadcast studios, retail environments, or anywhere a LCD screen needs to be mounted on a pedestal.

The foot patter offers a contemporary design and adjusts in width along the main tubular structure making it an ideal fit when placed under the front of fitness equipment. Feet can also be concealed under carpeting. With height-adjustment, 180 degrees of swivel capability, and internal cord management, this unit represents a sleek, convenient and practical mounting option.

This mount can be free-standing or bolted down to the floor. Features: -Compatible with all VESA 75/100 screens -Easy to install -Internal cord management -Adjustable height from 60.75” to 80” -Pole is 1.5” inside; 1.75” outside -Swivel: 180 degrees of swivel at the head (up to 90 degrees on each side)

Comes with hardware to bolt to a wood surface or concrete – Can be used free standing (up to 25 lbs) or bolted down to surface (25 lbs to 40 lbs) – Feet can move inwards along the tubular structure if the application requires (must be bolted down if feet are not in full upward position).

Product Details

  • Brand: Peerless
  • Model: LCFS 100S


  • LCD Screen Pedestal Stand – silver

Click Here For More Details and Latest Discounted Price – Free Shipping Available

Flat Panel TV Stand Options

Corner Stands for TV

Posted by: TV Pedestal

Corner TV Stand image

Corner Stands for TV are not new and traditional wooden designs abound in a range of wood finishes to match many existing furniture designs and finishes. A certain amount of enclosed and open storage space is often present.

There are also ranges of corner TV stands in metal, glass and wood or in combinations of them that provide more contemporary designs for the more modern house or apartment.

Perhaps best suited to the small to medium size TV if you really don’t want a very large piece of furniture.

Advantages of Corner Stands for TV

1. Traditional designs to fit in with existing furniture
2. Contemporary designs available
3. Corner position can give a wide viewing angle for a room
4. Can provide enclosed and open storage space
5. Position means TV less likely to be knocked over

TV Pedestal Products

Corner Mount TV Pedestal Stand imageAVF NEXUS NXL4502PB-A Flat Panel TV Corner Mount for 36-Inch to 70-Inch Screens (Black )

Product Description

AVF is a world leading supplier of TV wall mounts, AVF’s ECO-MOUNT range is a complete range of flat panel TV wall mounts based on one modular family look.

Universal compatibility and the modular design of the products with an ‘easy-click’ locking mechanism make installation as easy as 1-2-3.

The XL4502PB-A is the ultimate corner solution for flat panel TV’s 36-70” which allows the TV and the AV components to be mounted in a corner, saving space and providing a clean aesthetic with its ‘floating’ appearance. This unit swivels as one complete unit and the shelves adjust to accommodate a variety of AV components.

An efficient manufacturing process means Eco-Mount uses fewer raw materials, produces less waste and, crucially, products are designed to fit in boxes that are 50% smaller than similar products available in stores. This has led to a reduction in packaging and transportation and, as a consequence, a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Product Details

  • Brand: AVF
  • Model: NXL4502PB-A


  • The Ultimate All-in-one Corner solution for flat panel TV’s 36-70″ and up to 132 lbs, with 22 lb max per shelf
  • Space Saving and provides a clean aesthetic with it’s “floating” appearance
  • Compatible with VESA mounting patterns up to 400 x 1000mm
  • Swivels, tilts and lateral adjustment – 15° left/right with 15° tilt
  • Easy and secure mounting! 2 shelf component assembly has ‘shelf leveling’ feature and shelves swivel with TV

Click Here For Latest Discount Price – Free Shipping Available & Usually ships in 24 hours


Disadvantages of Corner TV Stands

1. Some models have size limitations
2. Position limitations
3. Height limitations with some models

See More About Choosing a TV pedestal Here

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