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3D TV Pedestals |

3D TV Pedestals For Best Viewing Experience

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3D TV Pedestals can be one of the best options for getting the most from your 3D television.

3D televisions have an optimum position from which to get the best 3D effect, this is affected by 4 factors.

1. The size of your TV

2. The screen resolution i.e. 1080p or 720p

3. The viewer’s field of view (FOV)

4. Viewing angle

These factors will determine the best viewing distance for the best field of view, angle and resolution.

Put simply you want the TV to take up as much of your field of view (FOV) as possible (within limits) so that you feel immersed in the viewing experience, ideally this figure is about 140 degrees measured from the viewer to the edges of the TV screen.

Practically this is difficult or impossible to achieve for multiple viewers without a very big screen indeed, this is not how we are generally used to viewing TV. This is unless you watch TV on your computer monitor, where we usually do sit close to the screen.

Also one of the limits is that you don’t want to be so close to the TV that you can see individual pixels. Also getting too close is not visually comfortable and would limit the amount of people who could see the screen!

3D TV Pedestals Product

BDI Arena 9972 Flat Screen TV StandBDI Arena 9972 Freestanding Flat Panel TV Mount for 40-Inch – 60-Inch TVs – Gloss Black

Arena Mount 9972 is a freestanding mount with a sturby base that offers a height-adjustable, swiveling mount solution for today’s flat panel TVs. Cabling routes down the slender, Gloss Black column yet remains easy to access from cut-outs at rear. For use with 40-Inch – 60-Inch TVs, select BDI cabinets and other applicable cabinet designs. 51.75-Inch H x 39.75-Inch W x 17.75-Inch D

Product Details

  • Brand: Becker
  • Model: Arena / 9972


  • Freestanding mount is compatible with select BDI cabinets and other cabinets
  • Compatible with most 40-Inch – 60-Inch flat panel TVs
  • Height-adjustable
  • Swiveling feature enables adjustable viewing angle
  • Gloss Black finishes complements today’s TVs

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Ideally you also want to be lined up and perpendicular with the center of the TV screen for the best 3D effect, again this is often impractical in the home or for multiple viewers.

Paradoxically you will see from the chart below you need to sit closer to the higher definition 1080p screen than the 720p screen to benefit from it. This is due to the human eye’s limitations; it just can’t resolve the higher definition detail from any greater distance.

Below is a chart that gives figures for ideal viewing distances with regard to screen size and resolution. The FOV figures would provide the best visual immersion distances, but don’t get too hung up about these figures. It’s just not that critical for most people, because we will get involved regardless, if what we are watching is good! These are only theoretical ideals.

TV Size

(Diagonal – inches)

Optimum Viewing Distance

720p (inches)

Optimum Viewing Distance

1080p (inches)

Minimum Viewing Distance

70 Degree FOV (inches)

42 97 66 26
50 115 78 32
55 127 86 35
60 138 94 38
65 150 101 41

However using 3D TV pedestals or TV stands allows you the greatest choice of positions in a room, which most wall mounting options often prevent. Also if you get a TV stand that swivels you can easily change the viewing angles for different situations e.g. viewing alone vs. as a family. This will allow you greater flexibility and get nearer to the ideal viewing angles.

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