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Don't Buy A TV Wall Mount for Your Flat Panel TV |

Don’t Buy A TV Wall Mount for Your Flat Panel TV

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Pyle PSW710S 14" to 37" Articulating Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

TV Wall Mount and Other Options

Don’t buy a TV wall mount at least until you’ve considered the advantages of alternative stylish TV pedestal stand, these are fast growing in popularity. They are one of the new options in TV stands not really practical for home use prior to the flat screen TV because of the size and weight of the old analogue TVs.

Having decided on the what size TV best suits your room, where and how are you going to mount it in the right position for best viewing becomes the next decision, the type of stands now available thankfully give you considerable choice for a flat screen TV.

TV stand design has changed to accommodate the larger flatter screens of digital televisions. Allowing you to put your television where it just wasn’t practical before. First choice for flat screen TVs has probably been the tv wall mount, but now sleek TV pedestal designs for the home are increasing in popularity. Pedestals can have useful design features such as adjustable height settings and the ability to rotate the TV screen for the best viewing angle, some even allow you to do this with a remote control!

The TV pedestal is an alternative to traditional furniture stands and the frequently used wall mounting option.

Furniture units may conceal the TV until required when at the push of a button the TV screen rises up from inside or behind it on a telescopic pedestal or mount, perhaps even coming up out of the foot of the bed!

TV  Pedestal Products

Articulating Universal TV Wall Mount
AmazonBasics Articulating Universal TV Wall Mount – Black


Product Description

This articulating Mount allows you to attach your 10-inch to 40-inch LCD or plasma TV to a wall.

Designed to support televisions up to 80 pounds, this durable, glossy-black, powder-coated mount will turn your TV into the centerpiece of your home theater and will make the most out of your space.

Offering a full range of angles, this mount lets you swivel your screen to the perfect position for viewing. It also includes a convenient cord management system and comes with all the hardware and instructions you need for installation.

Cord Management System neatly gathers and routes cords for a clean look; Built-in bubble level, Stud Finder and all Hardware included; Small Extension Arms; Swivel, Pan 30 degree, Tilt 15 degree and Extend 10.5-Inch; 2 piece design; Black color; VESA 75, 100, 200, 400 mounting pattern standards

Product Details

  • Brand: Amazon
  • Model: DI27A


  • Fits 10 to 40-Inch TV’s
  • Built in Bubble Level and Studfinder
  • Includes Medium Extension Arms
  • Swivel, Pan 30 degree, Tilt 15 degree and extend 10.5-Inch
  • 2 piece design

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TV pedestals can really make a design feature of your flat screen TV even when it’s switched off! So whether it’s a TV Wall Mount or TV Pedestal the choice is yours to make!

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