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Flat Screen/Flat Panel TV Wall Mounts |

Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts

Posted by: TV Pedestal

Flat screen TV wall mounts were often the first stop solution to mounting the new flat panel televisions when previous TV furniture either could not accommodate the extra width of wider screens and also no longer required the depth of the old CRT TV.

Paramount By Peerless Pa730-S Articulating Wall Arms

Whether it was an LCD TV or plasma screen TV the new aspect ratio of the screen often meant finding a new place to position the television. Although not as flat as a picture, but getting there as the technology progresses further, the trend moved away from free standing televisions or television furniture units towards hanging them like a picture or painting using TV wall mounts, previously not possible.


TV Wall Mounting Advantages

1.              Doesn’t take up floor space

2.              Allows much greater choice in viewing heights

3.              Safety – is less like to be knocked over, knocked or damaged by children or animals

4.               Crisp stylish contemporary look when done with carefully planned cable management

TV Pedestal Products

VideoSecu TV wall mount for 37″-55″ LCD LED Plasma TV, full motion articulating 27″ Pullout swivel tilting + Free 7 ft HDMI cable W13


Product Description

Swing out TV wall mount with extra long articulating arm, your TV can be extends 27 inch from the wall, and retract down to a slim 4 inch, offering significant viewing flexibility.Tilt and swivel TV for a perfect view from any where in the room. Extra long arm offers a large range of motion.

Wide wall plate mounts to studs at 16 inch 18 inch and 24 inch spacing. Wood studs, concrete, cinder block or two metal studs. If your TV is less than 180lb, and the mounting holes on the back of the TV are within 4 inch W x 4 inch H to 26.7 inch W x 18.8 inch H, this mount will fit.

Product Details

  • Brand: VideoSecu
  • Model: MP27B



  • Fits most 32″ to 55″ flat panel displays with mounting holes 100mm W x 100mm H to 680mm W x 400mm H
  • Load up to 180 lbs. High Quality steel construction for maximum support
  • Extends from 4 1/2″ to 27″ from wall; Wide wall plate mounts to studs at 16″ 18″ and 24″ spacing
  • Swings up to 180 degrees from side to side; +/- 15 degree of continuously adjustable tilt
  • Includes Common Mounting Hardware( extra accessory may required) and Free 7 ft HDMI Cable
  • Free 7ft HDMI Cable W13


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Disadvantages of Flat screen TV wall mounts

1.              Limited to position of wall – limited viewing angles with some mounts

2.              Requires substantial fixed mounts – can’t be quickly or easily moved

3.              No storage space for additional equipment, DVD’s etc.

4.              Cable management can be a problem

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