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TV Pedestal Stands |

TV Pedestal Pros & Cons

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A TV pedestal stand is usually characterized by its single supporting column, giving it a particular style, very often suited to a modern style of décor.

TV Pedestal Pros & Cons

Here they are :-

TV Pedestal Advantages

1.              Allows a greater choice of positioning including variable height options

2.              Takes up less room.Relatively small footprint  compared to traditional floor standing TV units

3.              Contemporary designs

4.              Built in cable management for some models

5.              Models designed specifically for retail outlets and businesses with added anti-theft security measures

6.              Multi-screen models available for business or retail use

7.              Can be remote controlled for easy adjustment to changing situations

TV Pedestal Products


Z-Line Keira Flat Panel TV Stand

Z-Line Keira Flat Panel TV Stand with Integrated Mount

Product Description

Keira flat panel TV stand with Integrated mount.

Product Details

  • Brand: Z-Line Designs
  • Model: ZL568-44MivU


  • Real wood with mocha finish
  • 8mm/5mm tea colored tempered safety glass
  • Swivel mount allows multi positioned viewing
  • Accommodates most LCD / Plasma TV’s up to 60-inch
  • TV weight capacity: 150-pound

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TV Pedestal Disadvantages

1.              Pure pedestal has no storage space, but shelves with most other models

2.              Can be less stable if not set up or sited correctl

3.              May need to be secured to floor

4.              Maybe difficult getting power cables to isolated pedestal

5.              Remote controlled models expensive


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