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TV Pedestal - Best TV Stand For Stylish Homes |

TV Pedestal Stands – Best TV Stands For Stylish Homes

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The TV Pedestal, which is ideal for modern flTV pedestal stand imageat screen televisions has often been overlooked and under appreciated in the TV stand market. A lot of people have never head of this category of television stand at all. Plus of those that have many will only have a vague idea of what a TV pedestals are.

Yet these television pedestal stands are very versatile, plus their modern and stylish looks can make such a difference to the look of your room and TV.

A pedestal mounted TV can really give a room that designer look normally seen in fashionable magazines. TV Pedestals are also a great way to make the most of small spaces, but in a sleek fashion that looks great at the same time.

There are several types of TV pedestal stand, each with its own look and uses.

The characteristic of a pedestal stand is that the television screen is mounted by its back by to a single column for support, although this can be modified so that there are two smaller columns to provide extra stability in some cases.

Since the entire stand is essentially a single column, just to support the screen, it takes up very little room, allowing you to save on space. This is perfect for smaller apartments or when living in college accommodation.

The most basic design is a very minimal, a style which nothing more than the column with a base support, which can look fantastic in the right surroundings without any peripheral equipment attached. To maintain its sleek and stylish looks most TV pedestals have built in cable management, so that the bird’s nest of wires often seen around TVs is hidden.

Most people however will want to have peripheral equipment attached, such as DVD or Blu-Ray players, satellite boxes, surround sounds systems etc. So it’s very common to find a TV pedestal with various shelves or storage spaces to accommodate these things, built into the base as a unit.

Many TV pedestal  stands give you the option to change their height, allowing you to customize it for your room. You may well find that having the TV higher than was normal for the older CRT televisions is actually more comfortable to watch. Relax on your sofa or chair and see where your eyes naturally come to rest, higher is generally more comfortable than we have been used to with earlier TV stands.

Desktop / Tabletop TV Pedestal Style Stand

TV pedestal style tabletop TV stand

Fits most 32"-50" Plasma/LCD displays

Another distinct type of tv pedestal stand is the desktop design. This is just like the floor based model, but mounted directly onto a table or desk. In business applications one option is to use it for teleconferencing. By attaching the pedestal stand to the table next to the person’s usual seat, it’s just like they’re actually there. Another use is in the kitchen where attaching the pedestal to a kitchen island or counter top will provide you with entertainment while you cook.

This kind of pedestal stand is often more suited for smaller LCD television screens, as the pedestal supports can’t usually take too much weight. However there are some that can take 50″ screens. But you can get really creative with placements and options for these smaller TV stands, making them a perfect choice for many situations.

You can be more creative in positioning your TV with the right TV Pedestal. Take a look at a selection of the best TV pedestal stands here.

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