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TV Pedestal - What Is It? |

What Is A TV Pedestal ?

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TV Pedestal by Techcraft imageA TV Pedestal is a flat panel TV stand that gives you much greater choice when it comes to positioning your flat screen TV than a wall mounted flat screen mount.

TV pedestal stand is the contemporary version of the traditional television stand, offered in a range of styles TV pedestals can easily be positioned in a room for optimum and convenient viewing of flat panel TV screens and the equipment that goes with them.

Previously there was only limited choice on where you could place your CRT TV due to its bulk, particularly its depth and its weight. So you either put your television on the supplied TV stand or on a purpose designed TV cabinet, which for practical reasons were generally low in height. For decades we mostly just accepted that this was the viewing height for a television, flat panel televisions have changed this accepted wisdom.

Wall mounted TV stands and brackets allow limited positioning options, which once positioned are fixtures not easily moved without redecorating, which is fine in some situations where house design provides a natural viewing surface, but where that’s not the case the TV pedestal is a functional and stylish alternative.

The flat panel TV screen is mounted either on back mount, from underneath and/or the sides depending on respective TV or stand design.

TV Pedestal Products

OmniMount Echo 50FP 50-Inch Video Table with Flat Panel Stand (Espresso)

Product Description Benefits: Mount a flat panel where wall space is not available; Open 

OmniMount TV Pedestal image

area accommodates multiple components; Lift and Lock allows for easy panel installation; Neatly route and organize wires through cable management posts; Chrome legs accent dark finish; Rubberized feet protect floors.

Specifications: Accommodates up to 32-inch to 50-inch flat panels up to 150 lbs (68 kg) Component shelf supports up to 80 lbs (36.6 kg); Available in Espresso; 50-inch widthx 47.5-inch heightx 15.5-inch depth.
Product Details
  • Brand: OmniMount
  • Model: Echo 50FP


  • Mount a flat panel where wall space isn’t available
  • Open area accommodates multiple components
  • Lift and Lock allows for easy panel installation
  • Neatly route and organize wires through cable management posts
  • Chrome legs accent dark finish

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Contemporary designs can incorporate hidden cable management systems and attractive shelving units for additional audiovisual equipment.

For the serious gadget lover the remote control TV pedestal allows adjustment of your televisions position for the best viewing angle from where you are sitting.

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