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TV Pedestals for Business and Retail Outlets |

TV Pedestals for Business and Retail Outlets

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TV Pedestals for Business Use and Retail Sales Outlets

These display stands are  ideal in retail outlets where wall space is often at a premium. This is because they can be floor or ceiling mounted and can allow easier re-positioning when changing sales displays.

The pedestal stands can either be free standing units possibly with extra bracing for added security and safety or there are a range of heavy duty bolt down pedestals, both with added security measures to prevent theft of the TV or monitor.

A range of TV pedestals for business use have designs allow up to 360 degree limited screen rotation, height adjustment, tilt adjustment and the possibility of multi-screen displays.

TV Pedestal Types for Business Use

TV Pedestal for Business or Commercial Use image
Peerless LCFS 100S – TV stand ( LCFS 100S )

Product Description

LCFS-100S Color: Silver The LCD Screen Pedestal Stand offers a great mounting solution in auditoriums, gymnasiums, broadcast studios, retail environments, or anywhere a LCD screen needs to be mounted on a pedestal.

The foot patter offers a contemporary design and adjusts in width along the main tubular structure making it an ideal fit when placed under the front of fitness equipment. Feet can also be concealed under carpeting. With height-adjustment, 180 degrees of swivel capability, and internal cord management, this unit represents a sleek, convenient and practical mounting option.

This mount can be free-standing or bolted down to the floor. Features: -Compatible with all VESA 75/100 screens -Easy to install -Internal cord management -Adjustable height from 60.75” to 80” -Pole is 1.5” inside; 1.75” outside -Swivel: 180 degrees of swivel at the head (up to 90 degrees on each side)

Comes with hardware to bolt to a wood surface or concrete – Can be used free standing (up to 25 lbs) or bolted down to surface (25 lbs to 40 lbs) – Feet can move inwards along the tubular structure if the application requires (must be bolted down if feet are not in full upward position).

Product Details

  • Brand: Peerless
  • Model: LCFS 100S


  • LCD Screen Pedestal Stand – silver

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