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TV Pedestals & TV Stands To Enhance Your TV And Home – For Flat Screen TVs

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TV Pedestals and TV Stands for Flat Screen TVs

TV Stands for flat screen televisions come in a range of styles, from traditional furniture designs to the ultra modern TV pedestals. Good stands are those that allow you to get the best viewing experience from your TV, by giving you some flexibility in where you site it in the room and easy adjustment for different viewing positions.

The lighter and slimmer LCD and plasma TVs opened up a whole way of displaying televisions often not practical before. Quick to catch on was the TV wall mount, which allowed you to hang a TV on the wall like a picture for the first time.

Stylish as these wall mounted TVs looked, this new way of displaying your flat screen television did have its disadvantages. The TV wall mount also leaves you the problem of where to put the peripheral equipment, such as disc players, satellite or cable boxes, surround sound equipment etc.

TV Pedestal Stands Products

Walker Edison 44 inch Cortez Wood TV ConsoleWalker Edison Cortez Wood TV Console, Black

Elegance and function combine to give this contemporary wood TV console a striking appearance. The design gives you a stylish modern look crafted with durable PVC laminate and MDF board.

Console will accommodate most flat-screen TVs up to 52” with open and closed shelving to provide ample space for A/V components.


Product Details

  • Brand: Walker Edison
  • Model: AZ44CSBL


  • Simple, contemporary TV console from Walker Edison; for up to 52-inch screen televisions
  • MDF board construction with PVC laminate; black wood grain finish
  • With 1 open compartment and 1 concealed compartment for AV component storage; preinstalled wire management holes
  • Includes parts, tools, and instructions for necessary home assembly; 250-pound weight capacity
  • Assembled, measures 44 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 24 inches high

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As above, TV cabinets also called TV consoles can provide this extra storage space. With a TV cabinet or console the TV just rests on top of the unit, rather than being attached and supported at the back as with a TV pedestal. These units work well where you have suitable floor space, their drawback is that they give you fewer options on where the TV screen can be positioned and then adjusted.

With a TV wall mount you also have to have the wall space which faces in the right  direction, so that you could orientate your seating to make watching it  comfortable. There is also the problem that with LCD type screens the viewing angle is more critical than with the old CRT TVs or plasma televisions i.e. the picture quality deteriorates as you move towards the sides of the screen.

Viewing angles have improved for LCD type screens, but including 3D televisions the best picture is viewed from directly in front of the TV screen. Similarly this problem also applies to looking up or down on to the screen.

Although most mounts did tend to have a tilt (up & and down) adjustment, few allowed you to pivot the screen significantly. Now however there is a good range of mounts with extending arms that fold flat against the wall when not in use. These arms when pulled away from the wall to allow you to pivot the screen for the best viewing angle when needed.

TV Pedestals

TV pedestals imageTV pedestals and TV pedestal stands also made it into the domestic market as a more flexible way of positioning your flat screen TV. These TV pedestals in their purest form consisted of a single column or support mounted on a freestanding base or one that was attached to the floor in some cases. These could be placed in many positions around the room and could also be height adjustable, but in this form also lacked storage for peripheral equipment.

TV pedestal stands overcame the above limitations of storage by combining benefits of tv pedestals with shelves or cabinets. Also giving height and sometimes swivel adjustments, yet still allowing greater choice in where you sited your TV.

Other benefits of TV pedestal stands are that the screen is more secure against being knocked over and that there is often hidden cable management built into the design. Thus providing a more modern, neat and stylish appearance for what can be a sizeable piece of technology in your room.

TV Pedestals can also come designed as corner TV stands, as corners are often convenient place to site a TV and provide a good range of viewing points around the room.

Whatever your tastes in style are there should be a TV pedestal stand or TV wall mount that will do both your TV and room justice.

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